The birth of our style
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From a dream
to a business

In 1978, Luigi Lardini was 18 years old and had one dream, a dream that was deeply inspired by the Italian tradition of tailoring. In pursuing this dream of elegance, it gained innovation over time, as well as the help of his family.

With the support of his siblings Andrea and Lorena, and the aid of his father, together they opened a small atelier where they made outerwear. The atelier became a home, where the passion of the Lardini family honed a blend of tradition, a love of beauty and a hunger for something new and modern – in short, something that would pique the interest of the biggest names in fashion. This was the beginning of Lardini’s dream, which would eventually develop into its own company.

From a business to success

Within just a few years, the biggest names in international fashion joined his customer list. During this time, his younger sister Annarita joined the business, and together the Lardini family built the company through continuing investment throughout the region and making a name for themselves. Doors began to open, technology became more innovative and production grew until it reached what became the greatest challenge.

in 1998, Lardini launched their first men’s collection under the brand.

Today, Lardini’s unmistakable collections showcase a variety of tastes and styles that cater to a range of people, thus creating a name synonymous with traditional tailoring, a passion for beauty and a constant eye on the future.

Keeping it in
the family

The Lardini family has always been the heart and driving force of innovation behind the company. The motto ‘All for one, one for all’, has been its strength from the beginning.
Today, a new generation that was raised with a love for fabric and the expert hands of a tailor has taken their place at the helm of the company to guide it into the future. 
It is a young generation that, in addition to its passion for the traditional craftsmanship of Le Marche region, carries with it the know-how gained through interaction with the most important players in the world of Italian and global fashion, a constant push toward research and innovation, and new vision.
It draws upon fresh and ambitious sources of inspiration to improve processes and translate the unmistakable Lardini style into modern, unique and made-to-measure designs for the men and women of today.