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Its deep respect for the region and the environment arises from its profound connection to Filottrano – not only Lardini's headquarters, it is the home where the family and the company grew, helping them to become what they are now.

It starts with tradition: the history of tailoring in Le Marche, the soul of Italian-made goods, which helped lay the roots and building blocks for the four siblings to build the company that today has become Lardini.

It continues with personality: that independent, stubborn personality of someone with a goal in mind and who works toward it every day, changing and transforming whilst continuing to remain themselves – in short, the typical personality of someone from Le Marche region. This same character can be seen in the Lardini family, but also in the extended family of those who work for the company.

Today, if you choose Lardini’s collections, you might see the passion of these people not only in the unmistakable feeling of a suit against the skin, but also through the Made in Filottrano project. Where premium fibres meet human values, this project weaves together a series of interviews, allowing the people that make up the company to share the essence of Lardini.

A commitment to the environment

Filottrano is the home of Lardini’s headquarters, 20,000 square metres of bright yet understated architecture nestled amongst the natural landscape of the hills of Le Marche. Undergoing constant growth and technological changes, the company is focused on maintaining an ever-improving balance with the surrounding ecosystem.

One of the first companies to develop in the area, Lardini makes use of solar panels to power its machinery, thereby limiting its impact on the environment, as well as pollution filters, which improve its relationship with the environment.