Lardini Fall Winter 2023

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“Colour is a means of exercising direct influence upon the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eye is the hammer, while the soul is a piano of many strings.”
(Vasilij Kandinskij)

Fashion as an impulse to start anew. Clothes as components of an innovative language of elegance. Style as a search for a new art of dressing that gives pleasure to yourself and then to the world. A penchant for colour as an emblem of renewed enthusiasm, expressed in a contemporary aesthetic that draws on a well-established tradition that is always open to original experiences.

It is an imaginative Eden, a modern Garden of Earthly Delights where models, fabrics, patterns, furnishings and plants compose a space of desires, resulting in combinations of different textures and weaves – from checks to glen plaid, houndstooth and tweed, as well as geometric pattern prints on silk and cotton shirts. Thus, dialogues are established between lighter and more substantial fibres (all precious, exclusive and custom-made) that permit playful layering, in which garments coexist, designed to be paired according to moods and loves.

Lardini Collection
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