Made in Filottrano


Made in Filottrano: local roots and sustainability

A strong value system and respect for the environment are closely linked to the deep bond we have always had with the local area in which we were born, live and work.

A small medieval town nestling in gentle green hills, Filottrano means both home and business to the Lardini family. It is part and parcel of that obstinacy so typically found in people from the Marches region which is also known for its legacy of quality craftsmanship cherished and passed down by its inhabitants. Filottrano has now become known all over the world for clothing manufacture and it is indissolubly connected to the world of Lardini.

Made in Filottrano stands for top-end artisanal quality, sartorial superiority, an obsession for details and real passion. Every day at our headquarters in the Marches region, fashion becomes synonymous with elegance as dispatches of exclusive garments are made to destinations near and far.