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40 years
of history...

How do you share 40 years of history? With courage and passion, the emotions that, for the past 40 years, have served as the soul and driving force behind one of the biggest Italian names in tailoring.
The courage of Luigi, Andrea, Lorena and Annarita, the four siblings that were the first to experience and nurture the Lardini dream. And later, the courage of Leo, Alessio, Clio, Genea, Brenna and Alberto, the new generation with its eyes on the next 40 years.

Multiply that emotion by 1,400, the number of people that work with us.

A passion that can be seen through the never-ending search for new designs, namely how to interpret the current trends, whilst remaining true to the Lardini signature style and looks that express the iconic elegance of the past using innovative silhouettes and adding colours and exclusive fabric combinations designed to keep up with the modern man who is always on the go, yet always impeccable.

…to build the future

Over its first forty years, Lardini grew bit by bit, building upon the foundations of Le Marche craftsmanship. Using these foundations, they built a company that is at the cutting edge, always evolving, where traditional tailoring sets its sights on the future. 
With the new generation, the irreplaceable experience of tailors’ hands is paired with designs, information and a process that is fully digitised. 
The keen eye for detail required to sew the lapels of a jacket today is supported by cutting machines that speed up the process and decrease waste. Herein lies a mechanism where technology and people work together to create the future of production.