Family, tradition and innovation: these are Lardini's values

First and foremost, Lardini is the story of a family that embraced the motto “one for all and all for one” which fuelled it with resolve from its very foundation. A close-knit family that set up a firm in the late 70s, placing its bets on top-end clothing and espousing quality of life as its ultimate value. 

This is the spirit with which this small business informed, trained and guided its workers all of whom became part of the big family.

Individuals who joined the operation as unskilled youths were taught the trade and they are now the master craftsmen of a new generation of artisans. Their faces and hands have so many stories to tell and it is this that makes each piece of Lardini clothing unique and superior in quality to the rest.

Every collection is based on old-school manufacturing techniques from the Marches region which Lardini has lovingly handed down from generation to generation and refreshed with innovative concepts. Past and future, and artisanal expertise and modern research resonate together at our headquarters in Filottrano, going hand in hand as they speed towards excellence.