12 February 2018

The new Easy Wear 2018 collection

This collection is made for young cosmopolitan men and trendsetters. It has a sporty flair, with pieces suited to movement throughout the city, and it remains true to the company’s heritage and eye for quality and elegance”, said Alessio Lardini, Product Manager for Lardini, upon introducing the new EasyWear 2018 collection.


Introduced as part of the 2017 Spring/Summer capsule collection, the Easy Wear travel suit has, in short, become a must-have for men on the go.


Made from water-repellent and crease-proof fabric, the travel suit, with its classic tailoring, is ready to be worn on any trip. It can easily be taken straight out of a zip-up suit carrier, no ironing needed.


This is just one of the new items from the Easy Wear Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which also features separate jackets, blazers, outerwear items and trousers with concealed elasticated waistbands to make those spontaneous dance moves all the more comfortable.


The fabrics used were treated using a special process to make them water-repellent and include stretch wool, cashmere, cotton, lightweight jersey, garment- and piece-dyed fabrics, and waterproof nylon.


Just as waterproof finishes are one of the key features of this collection, so is the flower for Lardini, having become the brand’s symbol worldwide