28 September 2017

Lardini's Sartoria Collection told by Alessio Lardini

The Lardini Tailoring Collection was created to give a range of products with a unique taste, luxurious, visually striking. We asked Alessio Lardini, product developement company family's manager to guide us in the collection.

What project led the creation of this collection?
"The most important and fundamental, that we have followed in its creation and development has been the desire to create the perfect wardrobe ideally, what each of us would like to have in your wardrobe (the classic man's wardrobe for inspiration English)" .

These characteristics add refined clothes, unusual fabric combinations, details from retro, special accessories, use of exclusive yarns that lend sophistication and exclusivity to our proposal.

What kind of man turns the collection "Sartoria Lardini"?
"Tailoring Lardini embodies the spirit of the gentleman of the past, thrown into a modern world that loves luxury and distinction and is on the concept of distinction we have been working and focused. We thought of tissues from exclusive dress with fine wool micron, 130 s, 150 s, Blazer fine wool, cashmere, yak, silk. "

Pairing exclusive fabrics with different designs such as dresses combined with patterned vest or vice versa, all to create a unique and exclusive proposal.
exclusive knitwear in 100% Baby Camel and knit accessories like scarf and cap superfine wool and baby camel moulinè effect.


And what about the shirts?
"We thought of a unique striped shirts English sartorial taste, flavor with British ties, cashmere and regimental designs."

The Collection Lardini Tailoring is available in Lardini Flagship Store in Milan - Via Gesù 21 and other selected shops.